Dec 19, 2018 · Any of these reloading data tools will serve you well. Which is best for you depends on your personal powder and reloading data tool preferences. My personal favorites are the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center for getting reloading data and the VihtaVouri Reload App for recording load development info and recipes.. .243 Winchester - Manufacturer Loading Data Pistol Rifle Cowboy GR. ALL 55 gr 58 gr 60 gr 62 gr 65 gr 68 gr 70 gr 75 gr 77 gr 80 gr 85 gr 87 gr 90 gr 95 gr 96 gr 100 gr 105 gr. z - prop. z - prop. .243 Win. Hornady Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of ammunition and handloading components, based in Grand Island, Nebraska. The company is currently run by Joyce Hornady's son, Steve Hornady, who took over after his father's death in a plane crash on January 15, 1981. Shop our wide selection of reloading supplies at reasonable prices. Free shipping on non-hazmat items and no taxes. ... Alliant Smokeless Powder; Accurate Smokeless Powder ; Berry's Bullets and Ammo Boxes. View all. Popular tags. ... Lee Ultimate 4-Die Set 243 Win. Click to View/Order . $61.75. Dies Set 300 AAC Blackout Pacesetter Lee. ALL Accurate 2015 Accurate 2200 Accurate 2230 Accurate 2460 Accurate 2495 Accurate 2520 Accurate 4064 Accurate 5744 Accurate LT-30 Accurate LT-32 Alliant Powder 2000-MR Alliant Powder AR-Comp Alliant Powder Reloder 10x Alliant Powder Reloder 15 Alliant Powder Reloder 17 Alliant Powder Reloder 7 Hodgdon Benchmark Hodgdon BL-C(2) Hodgdon CFE 223 Hodgdon Clays Hodgdon H322 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon. Reloder 15 is the best all-around medium speed rifle powder providing excellent .223 and .308 caliber performance. Selected as the powder for U.S. Military's M118 special ball long range sniper round. Known for having a broad range of calibers in medium rifle, Reloader 15 is great for high velocity varmint loads and is consistent in all. Nosler, The World's Finest Bullets, Ammunition, Rifles, & Brass. We manufacture Partition, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip, BT Lead Free, Custom Competition, Solid. Alliant 2400. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. ( 3 customer reviews) $ 36.00 - $ 248.00. Options. Choose an option ALLIANT 2400 1# ALLIANT 2400 4# ALLIANT 2400 8#. Clear. Add to cart. SKU: ALL2400 Categories: Reloading Powder, Reloading Supplies, Smokeless Powder. Alliant Power Pro 4000-MR Hornady CCI 200 40.1 2555 44.6 C Alliant Reloder 19 Hornady CCI 200 42.1 2538 46.5 C ... Refer to the current SPEER® Reloading Manual for handloading instructions. Be thoroughly familiar with those instructions before using these loads. As Vista Outdoor Operations LLC has no control over individual handloading. 150652 - Alliant Reloder 7 Reloading Powder 1 lb. Smokeless small rifle powder. Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding bench rest shooter. Great in .45-70 and .450 Marlin. Small caliber varmint loads. Great for .45-70 and .450 Marlin. Re-testing some of my best loads with the 55gr Speer Gold Dot and the 50gr Nosler Ballistic Tip in .22-250 Remington. The powders are Alliant Reloder TS 15.5 and Hodgdon H380. Johnny's Reloading BenchAn idiot and his reloading press My affiliate links and donation options are on my Author Page. Johnny's Reloading Bench. Feb 27, 2012. Messages. 1,443. Jan 13, 2021. #14. I am using 4000mr in a 243 win,6.5 prc, and 7saum all with heaver bullet weights and I also use rl-16 in all three of them but only with lighter weights. between grains of powder, case fill, and velocities obtained made it clear that it is farther down the chart than listed. I also use rl-19 in. With lighter bullets and reduced powder charge, you can transform a 44 Magnum or 500 S&W Magnum from a "bucking bronco" to a "tame pony" (or close to it at least!). Powder: Alliant 2400, 29.4 grains (70% max load), 33.6 grains (80% max load), 40 grains (95% max load) Use load data at your own risk. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible. Search: Hornady 243 80 Gr Gmx Load Data Hornady Gr Gmx Data 243 Load 80 Views: 16449 Published: 18.06.2022 Author: Search: table of content Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. We offer Sierra reloading data with over 95.000 loads in our database, covering over 95 Sierra bullets in over 65 calibers with all suitable powders on the market. Choose your caliber, bullet and bullet weight to find your desired Sierra load data. You can also check in our bullet database for which Sierra bullets we offer load data. .25-35 Win. "/> Alliant 243 load data

Alliant 243 load data

Oct 03, 2018 · For example, Alliant’s Reloder 16 Load Data Page shows a 2932 FPS load with Berger 130 grain Hybrid bullet in the 6.5 Creedmoor. Alliant Reloder 16 Load DATA for 6.5 Creedmoor: Alliant Reloder 16 Load DATA for .243 Winchester: NOTE: This is a partial .243 Win Data set. More loads available HERE. Similar Posts:. Open 11AM-6PM EST Tuesday through Saturday. 317-699-6127 [email protected]. The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center is new and improved. All the data that you know and love is still here, but now it's easier to use and accessible on your mobile devices. We've improved the filtering on desktop, allowing you to retrieve data for your materials faster. You can now select multiple options under a cartridge or shell, to quickly. If you're shooting a bolt gun, neck sizing ammunition can help wring more accuracy from your gun. .223 Rem. and 5.56 NATO cases are not interchangeable. Make sure to keep pressure levels safe. This applies to using heavier bullets in .223 Rem. cases as well. Match your rifle's twist rate to the appropriate bullet weight. SUBSONIC RIFLE LOAD DATA Starting Loads Maximum Loads CALIBER BULLET WEIGHT MANUFACTURER POWDER BULLET DIAMETER C.O.L. GRS. VEL. (ft/s) PRESSURE GRS. VEL. (ft/s). is the best guide for 6mm BR Benchrest precision shooting, complete with 6BR FAQ, Reloading Data, Shooter Message Boards, Reader Polls, and Photo Gallery. Match event calendar and rifle competition accuracy training tips. Equipment reviews (.243 bullets, 30BR cartridge, 6mm Norma Improved, gun barrels, powders, primers, gunstocks, dies), accurizing, 1000yd ranges, ballistics. Nov 16, 2017. #1. I've been using Alliant Reloader 17 in my .243 for years with 100gr bullets and it gives very good speeds without the load being too 'hot'. But I'm struggling to find any Reloader 17 now and I've run out. i have a bit of RL 15 and 19, and some Superformance powder that will get me by but the loads are around 200fps slower. Let's start with the 100 series. As mentioned, it's a single-base powder. The lower the number, the faster the burn. According to the burning rate chart in the company's 2019 Reloading Guide, N130 is similar in burn rate to Hodgdon BL(C)-2 and Alliant Reloder 10X. The N133 I mentioned has a burn speed similar to IMR 8208 XBR and Hodgdon. Jun 30, 2014 · Click to expand... I've used R-17 in the 243 with quite a few bullet weights including 85,87, and 95gr. In all instances it shot well. I'm thinking that Alliant just did not test it with the 90's. It is my belief that 90gr bullets are not as widely used as the others that they tested with and thus they opted to not spend the money to test it .... Alliant Powder 2400 1LB Smokeless magnum handgun powder Proven performance in .44 magnum and other magnum loads High velocity Superior powder for .410 bore as well Also works in .22 Hornet and .218 Bee Known for its superior performance in the .44 magnum and other magnum pistol loads, 2400® Handgun Powder from Alliant Powder® delivers great smokeless performance. The COAL stated is this table is according to the SAAMI specification. The COAL is measured from the base of the case to the tip of the bullet. (Please refer to out “ Reloading Tips ” for proper measurement techniques) If possible, we recommend that you determine the COAL of your rifle, and load your bullets at 1mm short of the lands. SAAMI .... Jan 19, 2020 · Well Known Rokslider. Joined. Jun 23, 2015. Messages. 247. I have been running reloader powder in not only 243 but also in a couple other cartridges I'm getting great accuracy but there is some pressure differential from temperature Causing point of impact change , Jan 21, 2020. #3. OP.. Dec 19, 2018 · Any of these reloading data tools will serve you well. Which is best for you depends on your personal powder and reloading data tool preferences. My personal favorites are the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center for getting reloading data and the VihtaVouri Reload App for recording load development info and recipes.. Examples are .243 Winchester, 6.5×284 Norma, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, 300 & 338 Winchester Magnums. And all the WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) cartridges. ... N320: A comparatively fast burning powder with a burn rate about the same as Winchester 231 and Alliant Red Dot. Load data is available for 9mm Luger, .38 Super Auto, .38 Special, .357. Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. 17 Rem. 22-250 Rem. 220 Swift. 223 Rem. 223 Win. Super Short Magnum. 224 Valkyrie. 243 Win..

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